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SLQ Series Current Generator Portable



Introduction:One valve control two pipes


Improvement:Automatic control, one ball valve can automatically open and close the valve This design has obtained national patent in May 2011, patent number: ZL201020575061.8.


Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as the liners of Y– ball valve with 128% wear resistance index Service lige is 2-4 times longer than traditional valve. The ball wrapped by Xinhai wear – resistant rubber which can effectively open and close the two valve ports in Y – ball valve. Slurry flow driving ball into a pipe orifice and close it; slurry pass by another pipe orifice. So it will not cause blockage. The Y – ball valve relying on the pressure of slurry to change the valve does not need people to control realizing automatic control, simple and flexible. Adopting Y- ball valve realizes pipeline setting of two pumps with one valve.

Technical Parameters: